Display replacement incl. new display
Apple MacBook Air 13,3“ A1466

incl. material (display)

349,00 €

incl. 19% VAT plus shipping

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Product Description

If you want to bypass a costly replacement of your entire monitor, look no further.   Save up to 60% of repair costs.   The damaged display will be properly removed and replaced by a new one. Please pay attention to the fact that this offer only includes the replacement of the display. The hinges, connection cables and chassis will not be replaced. Of course we also offer replacement of those components in our shop.   Order of events during repairs  
    1. You choose the desired repair service through our online shop. (Important: If you first want a free error analysis including estimated costs for repairs, you can ship us your device for examination without purchasing a repair in our online shop. The sequence is the same, with the only exception being that first of all, you receive an estimation of the costs and we cannot start the repairs on your device.)
    1. You fill in the Repair assignment to the best of your ability and send us the malfunctioning device. (Please include a copy of the repair assignment in the parcel and pay attention to the corners of your device.)
    1. You receive a confirmation of the delivery within 24 hours of delivery, either via phone or e-mail.
    1. Next, we carry out a cost free error analysis.
    1. We inform you of the results of the error analysis via phone or e-mail.
    1. If the required repairs match the desired repairs specified in the repair assignment, repairs start immediately. Should the required repairs differ from the specified one, we interrupt the process and inform you of the new costs for the different repairs. Afterwards, you can decide, whether you want us to carry out the required repairs and verify your decision with us via e-mail or in writing (If you decide against the repairs, we ship the unrepaired device back to you or you pick it up from our store. Except for possible costs for shipping the device back to you, there are no additional costs for you). This means: There is not risk of unexpected costs for you.
    1. We carry out the repairs (Repairs take between 3 – 5 workdays).
    1. After the repairs and the subsequent tests, the device is packed safely and prepared for shipping.
    1. You are informed, and receive a bill with denoted sales tax to your name.
    1. You make the required payment.
  1. After receiving payment, we ship the repaired device back to you, or you pick it up from our store.
  Important note   If the actual error is not caused by a malfunctioning display, but instead by the motherboard, RAM, hard drive or a connection cable, the process will be interrupted. You receive a new costs estimate and still have free choice over whether you want repairs to be carried out or not.   This offer is only valid for the model mentioned above.     Most common error symptoms  
  • The display is displaying horizontal or vertical stripes
  • Sporadic black screens
  • Flickering while working or booting
  • The display displays dead pixels or spots
  • Backlights sporadically turn off
  Advantages for choosing TMC-TEC repair services  
     ✓ Free of charge error analysis ✓ Capable advice ✓ Fast processing ✓ Professional equipment ✓ Experienced technicians ✓ Low prices ✓ Payment only upon successful repairs